Jenke Launched Him The Hardest Experiment:

Jenke launches his "hardest experiment": At the grave of his father comes the realization. Jenke von Wilmsdorff has already tormented himself for four seasons for RTL: alcohol, poverty, drugs - he tried all this in a self-experiment.

At the start of the fifth series, the 52-year-old is experiencing, as he finds himself, the hardest experiment. He tries to quit smoking. An ex-smoker reports. 

Smoking is nice. Tap the cigarette out of the pack. The feeling of holding the glow stick in your fingers. Then the flare of the lighter. The first move, deep into the lungs. Wonderful. 

Only someone who has smoked can understand this feeling. And who has smoked himself, probably will not forget this feeling throughout his life. 

Jenke von Wilmsdorff, the self-experimenting rabbit of RTL, is 52 years old. He is a smoker for 37 years of his life. 

30 cigarettes a day. 400,000 cigarettes in total."I realize," says the RTL man, "that it is slowly threatening my life." He realizes it quite late.

Black discs, white tumour: This is the smoker's lung

Jenke von Wilmsdorff expresses his cigarette. He expresses it behind the gravestone of his father. He has, it tells the RTL man, on 60 cigarettes a day. 

Then on three heart attacks. And then there was the last day. The son did not stop smoking - not yet. Now he sets off deep into his own addiction.

It will, he concludes, be "my hardest experiment". Also for the viewer, it starts hard. The camera films a piece of human that looks like a liver. 

It is the lungs of a smoker, finely cut. The doctors point to the white spots in the black discs. This is the tumour of the dead.

"People, take your children off the street - Jenke does not smoke"

Reporter Jenke starts harmlessly. With the alternative practitioner, he has seven syringes of formic acid in each ear. 

That should fight the addiction. 80 euros will cost treatment. Five to six apples a day, the reporter should eat to stop the quitting.

He lasts ten days. "I'm a nicotine junkie," he says, "as the industry wishes." Jenke von Wilmsdorff has e-cigarettes on display. 

This would reduce the number of premature deaths from 120,000 to 6,000 a year, as projected by the viewer. The TV addict tries it differently. He sets out on the Way of St. James.

70 kilometres and three days are obviously too little. The mood is hellish. Even Jenke of Wilmsdorff's wife recognizes: "People, take your children off the street, Jenke will not smoke again!"

Even the death experience only helps the smoker for four days:

The Way of St. James is hard for the environment. Ecuador will be tough on Jenke von Wilmsdorff. He meets a shaman.

He is administered Ayahuasca, the psychedelic Sud from a jungle liana. And in double the dose, because the RTL man does not use the effect fast enough.

"Tonight," recognizes the self-experimenting rabbit, "I put my life in the hands of a shaman." There he is still clear. It changes.

He sees big spiders. He marvels at cables that do not exist. He feels as if his heart is torn out. In fact, he pukes to the best of his ability.

The next morning, he feels like a new person and believes that he will never smoke again. The death experience helps for four days.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, a cage over the head - nothing helps. In the end, Jenke von Wilmsdorff sits again at the grave of his father.

 "At the latest in ten years, I lie next to you," he recognizes. Then he comes to the central realization: "I want to live - and then the whole is not a renunciation, but again."

After four weeks, the RTL man comes out without a cigarette. The ex-smoker who writes about this attempt to ex-smoker, it can only confirm: It's about winning and winning.


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