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Heidi Klum Wedding:

Heidi Klum has married for the third time. On a luxury yacht in Capri, the model musician Tom Kaulitz gave the vow. His twin brother Bill was doing a very special job.

Usually, in the life of Heidi Klum, nothing is long gone. And that's why her third wedding with musician Tom Kaulitz on the Italian island of Capri is a festival of superlatives.

Three days are scheduled for the festivities. After a dinner at the star restaurant "Il Riccio" followed by a party at the nightclub "Anema e Core" on Friday, the actual wedding took place on Saturday evening.

For this, Klum had rented the 100-meter luxury yacht "Christina O" and had it transformed into a wedding location with tons of white and rose flowers.

The former owner, shipowner Aristotle Onassis, had the former warship converted into an exclusive yacht with 17 cabins in the early fifties, attracting numerous celebrities and politicians,
including Maria Callas, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy.

 In addition, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco celebrated there in 1956 after their wedding.

So now Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz. Photos show the couple in white outfits and with open hair. He is a suit with a light blue shirt, she is a voluminous, strapless dress and with a veil.

Which designer has designed Heidi's dress is not known yet. Also Klum's daughters Leni and Lou wore white dresses, their sons Johan and Henry appeared in beige suits.

Already months ago, the 46-year-old had revealed that the four should play a crucial role in the ceremony.

Bill Kaulitz is said to have married Heidi and Tom:

A special task came to Kaulitz 'twin brother Bill: He is said to have married Heidi and Tom. The 29-year-old wore a kind of priestly robe. Klum and Kaulitz did not have an official appointment at the registry office on Capri.

Also surprising is the fact that Klum's father Günther has apparently missed his daughter's wedding. In contrast to Heidi's mother Erna, who has been looking after the children for the entire week, the 73-year-old was not spotted on Capri.

Heidi and Tom in wedding anticipation:

Whether international stars such as rapper P. Diddy, singer Mariah Carey or the models Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bundchen actually belonged to the guests, is not known.

However, designers Wolfgang Joop, Ex-GNTM juror Thomas Hayo and Tom's bandmates Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing were definitely allowed to celebrate.

Singer Sasha and his wife Julia Röntgen were also there. Allegedly, the 47-year-old has been hired for a live appearance. Klum is a big fan of his song "You catch me," writes the "Bild" newspaper.

Heidi and Tom are planning hangover breakfast on Sunday:

For all the exclusivity Heidi Klum loves the down-to-earth and is very close to home. This also fits the more classic wedding menu with wedding soup, Wiener Schnitzel and Vierländer duck.

After the break on the yacht, there is a hangover breakfast on Sunday morning. This should take place in the beach club "La Fontelina" near the famous Faraglioni rocks.

Klum and Kaulitz have exclusively booked the club, which can only be reached by boat, for themselves and their approximately 100 guests.

Klum's friend Thomas Hayo was already there, posting a photo of the rocks on his Instagram page. For this, he put two hearts as well as the letters "H & T".

The perfect summary for three days of love happiness under the sun Capris.


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