Heidi Klum's wedding

Heidi Klum's wedding:

The wedding of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz on Capri is in full swing. Now, despite the mobile phone ban, some guests grant secret insights into the festivities.

  1. Supermodel Heidi Klum and "Tokio Hotel" star Tom Kaulitz marry.
  2. The wedding takes place on the Italian island of Capri, it should last for three days.
  3. Klum and Kaulitz have arrived on the island a few days earlier
  4. Saturday evening, the two should finally give the yes-word.

Update, 2:35 pm:
Heidi Klum and her fiancé Tom Kaulitz are probably floating on cloud seven at the moment. The whole weekend, the two celebrate their wedding, about 120 guests should be invited to.

However, there is a strict mobile phone ban to protect the privacy of the couple, as reported by t-online. However, some guests have apparently not kept it.

For example, Heidi's longtime interior designer Michael Ostrow posted a picture of himself and his partner, in the background the party location of Freitagabend.

It seems to have been a humid evening, he knew no alcohol, where he is now, writes the Klum confidante.

Even the girlfriend of actor Thomas Kretschmann seems to have had a lot of fun. In her story, the model first posts a picture of a richly set table full of desserts, later followed by a shaky shot from the shuttle bus towards the party.

Meanwhile, RTL wants to know when the wedding ceremony starts. According to the report, the guests are going to board a luxury yacht at 4:00 pm, and at 6:30 pm Heidi and Tom are finally to take the floor.

Heidi Klum marries Tom Kaulitz on Capri - but she could not really count on that

Update from 03. August, 11:05: The three-day wedding celebration of Heidi Klum on Capri is apparently in full swing.

On Friday there had already been a reception followed by a dinner, after which the guests would have celebrated in a noble party location, reports the picture. On Saturday it will continue on a luxury yacht.

However, Heidi's fans do not get anything on Instagram. Until a few days ago, the model mom delivered regular updates and let everyone know that she has been staying on the Italian island for some time.

Since the beginning of their wedding celebrations, Heidi posted only a picture of himself at the pool.

 Only her patterned dress and big sunglasses can be seen, her fiancé Tom runs by in the background. "Beautiful view," she writes underneath.

This post apparently does not fit their fans, in the comments they let their displeasure run wild. "But the main thing in advance for months with pictures and reports the people on the nerve.

And do not want to report anything on an actual day "," Much fuss about nothing "and" Real now? That's all? ", Find the users.

Sheidi certainly did not expect her to live at her wedding with nasty comments from her follower community.

Heidi Klum: Wedding with Tom Kaulitz on Capri

Update from 2 August, 21.40 clock:
The wedding marathon of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz goes into the first round. Tonight the couple celebrates together with 80 guests in a Nobel Italian on Capri, reports the picture.

Heidi's outfit hardly surprised: as in the past few days, the bride is white again today. Her soon husband Tom is seen in photos in a green jacket.

Among the guests who are brought by boat or helicopter on the island, in addition to Tom's brother Bill Kaulitz Klum-Mama Erna, singer Sasha and former GNTM juror Thomas Hayo and designer Wolfgang Joop.

As Gala.de reports, the party guests move on to "Il Riccio" in the celebrity tavern "Anema e Core" after the meal.

Heidi Klum: Wedding with Tom Kaulitz on Capri: Ex-husband with a nasty swipe

Update from August 2nd, 4:35 pm:
Ouch. Everyone feels they have something to say about the wedding of Heidi Klum (45) and Tom Kaulitz (29) - but he does not, and he makes it very clear:

Klum's ex-husband Seal (56). He does not even want to hear about the wedding. You would actually have to live behind the moon ...

The British singer ("Kiss From A Rose", "Love's Divine", "Killer") was intercepted by reporters from the Daily Mail at Los Angeles airport. They asked him about Supermodel Klum and her "Tokio Hotel" groom. Whether he wishes the two all the best?

Heidi Klum: Wedding with Tom Kaulitz on Capri: ex-husband of Klum finds wedding "uninteresting"
Obviously not! The seal is said to have responded to the Daily Mail that a wedding was "new to him".

The former man of Klum is said to have smiled - and to follow a sentence that is not completely free from undertones: "Let's talk about something more interesting."

The Briton, whose name is Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, and Heidi Klum were married for six years.

They have four children together: Henry (14), Johan (12), Lou (10) and Leni (15). Leni's biological father is Klum's ex-partner, Flavio Briatore. In 2009, Seal adopted the girl, who is now emulating his mother on Instagram.

Heidi Klum: Wedding with Tom Kaulitz on Capri: "I can not think of anything."

2012 the separation of Klum and Seal, and 2014 the official divorce. In 2018, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz again found a person to whom they want to say "yes" (even if of course even this celebrity couple can not be on one level with all questions).

And Seal apparently got over Heidi Klum. "I'm just not interested in the topic. What should I say - and what do you want to hear about it? ", The Daily Mail quotes him.

"I can not think of anything. I'm just as confused as you are. "According to the report, Seal was not travelling alone at Los Angeles airport but was accompanied by a wife.

Update from 2 August 2019:

On this Friday evening, the wedding party of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz should start. Many celebrities are currently visiting Capri - who will be guests at the wedding, which is already considered one of the most important ones of the year? There is a lot of speculation about these celebrities.

The news of the 1st of August: Hot photo in white dress

Capri - The day has finally arrived when fans of Heidi Klum and Tokio Hotel have waited for a little longer: top model and guitarist Tom Kaulitz celebrate their wedding.

The party is supposed to go on for a whole three days and more and more details seep through.

That Heidi Klum looks very good in white, proves the model for several days, because it shows conspicuously often in the colour in which most occur in front of the altar.

So also on a current snapshot. But in the white dress, Heidi probably shows something more than wanted.

Summer, sun, family and wedding preparations. Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz will be voting for the weekend on Capri.

As the picture (behind payment barrier) reported but should be celebrated not only in one day: Whole three days, the guests together on the love of the two toast.

A concept that is also known from the wedding of singer Sasha: so worthwhile for the guests, after all, the arrival.

Heidi Klum: Wedding with Tom Kaulitz on Capri

It starts off on Friday with a warm-up party in a fine restaurant. The restaurant is said to have a beach club atmosphere and are right on a cliff.

A direct view of the famous blue grotto of Capri and fish specialities, as well as pasta to round off the high-society experience. Incidentally, Heidi and Tom were spotted in the summer of 2018 on their love vacation.

The wedding including yes-word should then take place on Saturday and again in a very special place: Heidi and Tom marry on the 100-meter-long luxury yacht "Christina O", on the already celebrated Jacky Kennedy or Madonna wild festivals.

The ship should accommodate almost 160 guests. However, the wedding couple should have "only" invited nearly 100 friends and family members.

The guests will spend the night in a gala report but not on the yacht - Heidi and Tom want to spend all alone on the ship, which would offer at least 34 beds.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz get married: that's the party motto

According to the party motto "Forever Young", two international acts and a German artist will play live for the bridal couple and the wedding party.

Finally, according to the report, on Sunday it will go to another beach club. With a view of the blue Mediterranean Sea and bath access, the wedding weekend should be rounded off.

Heidi Klum shines in white already before the wedding with Tom Kaulitz: And let's look deeply
In advance, Heidi and her future companion, together with Tom's brother Bill Kaulitz, enjoyed the Italian flair and one of the most beautiful times in their love story. This is confirmed by numerous postings, which sent Heidi to the world.

Particularly striking is a photo in which Heidi Klum is once again dressed in white. But she probably shows more unconsciously than wanted.

The top model shines in the picture next to Tom Kaulitz in a white halter dress in the camera and casually wears a gold clutch in his right hand.

However, the look quickly falls on "Hans and Franz", as Heidi would say so nicely. Abra has probably spared the top model in this dress.

Incidentally, the picture was shot by Bill Kaulitz, as Heidi made clear with the words "Thank you, Bill, for the beautiful photo".

Most recently,

 Heidi had already caused a stir with a dance clip. A hole in Klum's skirt let it look deep. Besides, Heidi and Tom made the face-App fun and proved that they will look good even in old age.


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