Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof:

Frankfurt Central Station: After the bankruptcy, the police want to continue to bring light into the dark and interrogated to suspects.

Large-scale operation of the police at the Frankfurt main station

  1. Police arrest three men
  2. Search for more perpetrators is running
  3. Police interrogate suspects and witnesses

Update, 3 August, 12:15:
One day after the bankruptcy at Frankfurt Central Station, the police determined the facts of the act. The three arrested suspects are to be heard further, as a police spokeswoman said on Saturday in Frankfurt.

Witnesses also want to question the officials. "This will continue on a large scale," said the spokeswoman. In addition, the investigators continued on Saturday, the search for possible other participants in the burglary.

Large deployment at Frankfurt Central Station: Police are looking for other perpetrators:

Update, 3 August, 8.16 clock:
One day after the major operation at Frankfurt Central Station because of bankruptcy, the police are looking for other perpetrators. The search continues to run, said a spokesman for the police on Saturday.

In fact, on Friday several people had entered the room of a savings bank with deposit lockers. Three were later arrested. Whether more suspects are on the run, something was stolen and whether the men were armed remained unclear.

A spokeswoman for the federal police had reported during the operation on Friday, perpetrators have fled to the main station. Therefore, the train service has been discontinued.

Policemen, according to eyewitness accounts, beat down a man on the south side of the station and handcuffed him. Whether it was one of the wanted perpetrators, was unclear. Special forces were also in action.

The police called in the meantime to avoid the area around the central station. To the arrested, the spokesman made no statements.

Large deployment at the Frankfurt central station - possibly even perpetrators fleeting:

Update, 21:25:
More and more details about the slump in the Sparkasse, which had triggered the large-scale operation of the police at the main station: Several men - their number is still unknown - had made in the basement of the savings bank branch at lockers.

That triggered an alarm. While the police approached and wanted to get an overview of the situation in front of the bank building, the men stormed onto the street and fled with a BMW with Berlin license plates.

A police officer fired at least one shot at the vehicle, but the men escaped - at least to the central station. There they rammed four other cars to clear the way. Then they had to leave their battered car behind and fled on foot.

Three suspects were arrested by the police pretty quickly. Other accomplices could still be on the run. When the police assumed that none of the possibly escaped bank robbers is more in the vicinity, the blocking of the central station was lifted again

Update, 19.58 clock:
The situation at the station normalized again. There are no delays and failures more, said a spokesman for the Deutsche Bahn.

All airbags are triggered:

Update, 19:03:
The Tatfahrzeug is pretty battered, all airbags are triggered. At 6 pm the car was towed away. Police spokesman Thomas Hollerbach said: "There was no contact between the bank employees and the suspects.

" The men had been bugging the lockers in the bank. Who the suspects are, whether they were armed, if they had captured anything - all that is still open.

Update, 18.07 clock:
Continue to be the police can not rule out that even more, possibly armed offenders are on the run. Among the detainees, a spokesman was unable to provide information.

The car with which the perpetrators started their escape from the Sparkasse is a black BMW with Berlin license plates.

Update, 18.01 clock:
The police explained that they evaluated the act not as a bank robbery, but as a "serious slump". The men had entered a room with safe deposit boxes.

Update, 17:29:
At stations that border the main station, as at the Frankfurt Galluswarte, the scoreboards continue to read that all S-Bahn there, ie before reaching the main station ends. The trains meanwhile drive to the station again.

Update, 17:18:
According to information from the FR, the alarm went to the police at 15 clocks. The perpetrators are said to have tried to crack lockers in a branch of Frankfurter Sparkasse on Düsseldorfer Straße.

Whether you managed to loot is still unclear. They fled to the main station by car and then on foot. At least one of the men had run into the station.

Frankfurt: Still culprits on the run

Update, 17:05:
Possibly, even more, culprits are on the run. As the police inform, the perpetrators were after the robbery first in a vehicle and then fled on foot.

During the persecution, a police officer fired at least one shot. How many offenders it was and whether they were armed, is so far unclear.

Update, 4:47 pm:
The blocking of the Frankfurt main station due to a police intervention has recently been cancelled. This was announced by Deutsche Bahn on Twitter.

Update, 16:38:
The police now inform that people have obtained unauthorized access to lockers of a bank. An alarm was triggered. On the run, there was firing by the police. Three suspects have been arrested by the police so far.

Frankfurt central station: no trace of panic

Update, 16.32 clock:
The situation in the station itself remained so far, no trace of panic. By loudspeaker announcements, the travellers were informed that it comes because of a police use to delays. Also on the south side of the station building at the bus station, the use initially had no effect.

Update, 16:26:
The railway explained it comes to delays, detours and train cancellations. "We are trying to set up alternative stops in Frankfurt South," said the Deutsche Bahn. The police said the closed areas would be released as soon as possible.

Frankfurt Central Station: man strangled and tied

Update, 16.17 clock:
According to information of the HR, the police on the south side of the station a man wrestled and tied up. The station refers to eyewitness reports.

Update, 16.08 clock:
As eyewitnesses report, the entire Frankfurt central station has been evacuated. People are crowding the station forecourt.

All railways, especially suburban trains, do not currently drive Frankfurt central station but continue straight to the next station.

Frankfurt: Large-scale operation of the police at the main station

First notification, 2 August, 16.07 clock:
Frankfurt - Currently, the Frankfurt central station is completely blocked. It is apparently a police operation at the Düsseldorfer Straße.

The police ask the population to shun the area.
Apparently, there has been an exchange of fire near the Frankfurt central station. About Katwarn the authorities report "extreme danger."

All regional and long-distance traffic has been discontinued. The German railway tweets that it comes to delays, detours and train cancellations, tweets the RMV that it comes due to the police use to significant delays and failures.


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