Fortnite Season 10

Fortnite Season 10 Now Updated:

Today is the new Fortnite season 10 at the start. Because of this, the servers were shut down on all platforms. For Season 10, there were already some rumours and assumptions.

When the game is running again and what the patch brings everything, we answer in the article. There are also German patch notes and information about the Battle Pass.

As Epic tells on Twitter, there are problems with the 'Mech in the speed, which is why this has been disabled in the Creative and Playground mode in the playlists. Further problems with the interplay with Season 10 in Fortnite are reported by a Trello board.

Today is the day: Season 10 of Fortnite begins. For this reason, the servers have been blocked on all platforms since 9:30 am. At 10 o'clock they were completely switched off. It is currently not possible to start a match.

How long the update will take, we do not know exactly. However, Epic announced on Twitter that the patch will be bigger than usual.

But in the afternoon it should be ready. Then normal online matches can be played again. Epic has published the extensive German patch notes on his website.

Fortnite Season 10: Battle Royale

The scope of the update suggests that there will be some changes to the map. Which ones remain to be seen. According to Epic, some old areas are to return to the map, including Dusty Depot,

which was destroyed by a comet in Season 3. Maybe the feat could be made through time travel. From the teaser, we can also see that robots will also be there again.

The focus is on the new Mech vehicle BIEST: In this' Mech for two people, a player takes care of the movement while his partner uses the firepower. You can also control the 'Mech alone and switch back and forth between movement and shooting.

Fortnite Season 10: Battle Pass

According to Epic, more than 100 exclusive rewards await they're unlocked in Season 10 Battle Pass, and the pass continues to cost 950 V-Bucks. This season there are the outfits "X-Master" and "Catalyst" to it.

As you increase the level of the Battle Pass, you unlock new rewards such as the Double Picks, Emotes, Charge Screens, Outfits, and more. At level 100 you also get the monstrous outfit "Ultimateitter".

There will also be Battle Pass missions. To do so, unlock rewards by completing a series of thematic goals that will send you on an adventure across the entire island. Finally, there is the option to give the Battle Pass to a friend - on all platforms until 15 August.

Fortnite Season 10: Save the world

Also for saving the world there will be some innovations. So far, it is known that a Locker (Spend) is introduced, which allows making purchases made in Battle Royale mode for saving the world.

This is to help the favourite characters to survive the deceptive journey to the radio station so that they can send their perfect summer song there. If you move too far away from the hover truck, the storm can be a deadly hazard - but those who take the risk will need better gear.

Fortnite is available for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Downtime affects all platforms. There are even more interesting news, pictures and videos about Fortnite on our informative topic page.


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