Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland

Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland:

Donald Trump wants to buy the largest island in the world. US President Donald Trump is scheduled to buy the island of Greenland. An expert assesses the possible purchase and considers it not impossible.

It's an idea that does not sound very common and yet it seems to be the latest intention of US President Donald Trump to buy an island.

And not just any, but the biggest in the world: Greenland. At least insiders know that. Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland - but the island is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Greenland is geographically part of North America but geologically counts as an Arctic subregion. From a political point of view, the situation around the island with its 56,000 inhabitants is a bit different, as Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

However, Greenland enjoys extensive autonomy within the Kingdom since the late 1970s. As now reports in relation to the American "Wall Street Journal", Trump is already several times with his advisers have inquired whether the US could buy Greenland.

The American newspaper refers to sources that are familiar with Trump's reflections. It is also said that Trump has already asked consultants to consider the idea.

While the Trump consultants may be looking to buy the island, the US president is trying to avoid an escalation in Hong Kong.

Is Donald Trump buying Greenland? These points speak for the plan

So is the US president seriously planning to buy Greenland?

From a political point of view, it would not be a completely absurd idea. He is said to have listened with great interest when talking about resources and the geopolitical importance of Greenland. Two reasons that could speak for purchase of the island.

So far, the White House has not commented on the report, and the Danish Embassy in Washington has yet to announce any comments.

As reported by Afp, this is not the first time that Trump has been interested in real estate abroad. In the past, this applied to a region that, unlike Greenland, is not mostly covered by miles of ice.

Accordingly, he had already stated, among other things, that the "great beaches" of North Korea would be an ideal location for apartments.

Trump could use Greenland to increase military presence

So what about the reality? As further reports in relation to the "Wall Street Journal", Trump consultants should have already dealt with possible consequences of an island purchase.

Accordingly, Greenland could be used to increase the military presence in the Arctic, research would also be an option.

Said an American political scientist opposite - It will not happen. Congress would "never" release the necessary money for the purchase, the expert estimates the situation further.

However, another US political scientist says: "In the abstract, Trump's thinking is not impossible." A fitting example: Alaska was bought in 1867 Russia.


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