Bakery Jatta

Bakery Jatta:

Bakery Jatta may play under a false identity in the football second division Hamburger SV.

According to information of the "sports picture" the offensive player actually should be called Bakary Daffeh and not only 21, but already 23 years old.

According to the report, two former coaches in his African homeland have identified Jatta on old game images as Bakary Daffeh.

"We have Bakery Jatta's valid passport and residence permit in place, and Bakery has shown himself to be an impeccable sportsman and reliable teammate since joining us,

and he has quickly become a part of our team and our club. said CEO Bernd Hoffmann. In addition, the HSV did not comment.

Not admitted under the age of entry?

Jatta had arrived in Germany as a refugee from the Gambia in 2015, his official date of birth is June 6, 1998. He was therefore considered as a minor when entering Germany.

Minor refugees have a greater chance of acquiescence in Germany. In fact, he is said to have been born on 6 November 1995.

There had also been doubts about his age at HSV when Jatta came to the trial. However, a medical examination at that time had no clear result.

"I did not play in any club in Africa, that did not exist there," the Gambian had said at the time he was performing in Hamburg.

However, he is said to have played in his homeland for various clubs and have also been active briefly in Senegal and Nigeria.

In addition, he had stood in the U20 game Gambia against Liberia on the court and scored the winning goal. Since Jatta plays in Germany, Daffeh is no longer active.

Contract until summer 2024

Jatta is one of the top performers at HSV and signed a contract in January 2019 until the summer of 2024. Whether there will be further official investigations into Jatta's identity remains to be seen.


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