Update from July 28:

Spectators sing marriage proposal on Mickie-Krause-Song - Schlager-Star extra flown in

In Mallorca quite normal: Already at noon, the mood is turned up. This is also ensured by the who's who of the Schlager stars in the ZDF-Fernsehgarten.

Awesome gesture in the ZDF-Fernsehgarten. Mickie Krause sings his hit "Für die Ewigkeit" ("For Eternity") and passes the microphone on to a spectator who, matching the title of his beloved, sings a proposal for marriage.

The man had prepared a whole stanza and performed it remarkably flawlessly. The audience was so jubilant that the answer to his future went down.

Spectators sing a marriage proposal on Schlager song: Audience enthusiastic

Then the yes-word and the nervousness of the two but suddenly was clearly seen. With trembling fingers, Michael put his engagement ring on Nicole's finger.

Nevertheless, Andrea Kiewel reassured herself once more and asked, "Did she say yes?" - so the two newly fiancées could once again nod in delight at the camera.

ZDF-Fernsehgarten makes it possible: Schlager-Star helps with the application:

Of course, the action was planned by longhand, but for Nicole an absolute surprise. "Everyone was privy, but not them," explains Kiwi.

The evening before the broadcast, Michael was even allowed to rehearse, his excuse: He still had to pick up the cards.

The effort was worth it, an unforgettable marriage proposal was only exceeded by the active participation of the Malle superstar Micki Krause.

He flew out of Norderney this morning, "he explains. When requesting help, a matter of the heart. "I'll come to the silver wedding", he promises and keeps his fingers crossed for them. As well as the stirred audience.

Lorenz Büffel and Mickie Krause: In their spare time beer to get down:

Mickie Krause, Mia Julia and Lorenz Büffel are to reveal their insider tip on the Balearic Island in an interview with Andrea Kiewel.

"He has a bit to do with alcohol in his free time," Lorenz Büffel admits, "that's why I can not betray him." On the party island, it's hard to get past the liquid pick-me-up.

 He and superstar Mickie Krause also like to approve one or two beers. For this, they meet often in a pub, give the two singers prize.

Model thrilled kiwi and spectators in the "little neon yellow" - cheers storm included

The TV Garden has been inaugurated with a medley of the most popular hit hits sung by the island's biggest stars.

However, the first jubilation harvested but an Adonis in a tight bathing suit. "The little neon yellow is the new little black one," Kiwi judged directly.

The good-looking model certainly had his share. Even before he was in the picture, the audience in the program broke out in jubilation.

ZDF-Fernsehgarten: Malle Party - Big pop stars provide pure ballermann

Mainz - The summer holidays start in Bavaria and ZDF has something very special in store for them. The Fernsehgarten launches its own Ballermann party on July 28th.

"Mallorca is only once a year" is Andrea, Kiwi a's slogan this Sunday. And for the Malle hype, she can look forward to very prominent support.

 Stimmungskanone Kiewel will probably be able to enjoy the party anyway and make a big splash.

Majorca party on ZDF-Fernsehgarten: Germany's most famous pop stars are there
Of course, the king of Mallorca, Jürgen Drews should not be missing.

But also his followers have it all: In addition to Carolina, Lorenz Büffel, Markus Becker and the top boys, the absolute Ballermann top stars will provide with Jürgen Milski, Tim Toupet and Mickie Krause mood.

TV Garden is looking forward to Ballermann stars: whirl around schmuddel singer
Schlager starlet Mia Julia will also be in the ZDF television garden and cheer on the Ballermann party.

The singer cares for split minds. In recent years, she had made a name for herself with her appearances in El Arenal, previously she was an actress in adult films.

Some people are hoping for such a piquant show in the Fernsehgarten, while others consider the performance of the Schlager-Queen to be inappropriate.

Also inappropriate, many viewers found a conversation from the last ZDF-Fernsehgarten, as Andrea Kiewel a birthday child called "fat".

Fortunately, the viewer was allowed to sing his marriage proposal right at the beginning of the show. Because suddenly the ZDF-Fernsehgarten had to be evacuated - for the first time in the history of the program.


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