Martin Hinteregger has played fast as an Augsburg loan in the hearts of the fans. Now the defensive line is finally on the way to Frankfurt. The Eintracht returns for a flying visit back home. To contest the second leg against FC Flora Tallinn, the team will temporarily leave training ground in Austria this Wednesday.

A few hours ahead of them, the next newcomer will arrive in Frankfurt: Martin Hinteregger. As the Bundesliga sweeper last season and FC Augsburg announced on Tuesday afternoon, all parties agreed after a long back and forth about a change of 26-year-olds. Provided that the professional football player passes the compulsory medical checkup, he will join Adi Hütter's team permanently.

Already in the second half of last season, Hinteregger had been loaned to the Hesse, where he immediately secured a place in the starting lineup by performance. In a quick rush, he climbed up in the favour of the audience.

His tearful appearance in the Europa League semi-final at Chelsea did not change that, as he impressively demonstrated his limits to all of London's attacking stars during the regular time before his nerves tripped on penalties.

Several fan groups from Frankfurt had been campaigning for a change of their favourite, and thousands of postcards were sent to the office of the Bavarian-Swabian club, whose messages FCA manager Stefan Reuter should move to let the blond boy pull as soon as possible,

FreeHinti on social media:

Even the Tour de France used trailers to emphasize their desire for a quick return of the Carinthian: On the sixth stage, about fifty kilometres before the day's destination in the mountain village of La Planche Des Belles Filles, the peloton rolled over in monotone colours the road surface painted message #FreeHinti, which was supported in social media Hintereggers concerns.

He himself had made it clear in the spring that he does not see his future in Augsburg, but would like to seek his luck in Frankfurt: "What I experienced here was phenomenal and made me want more," said the 41-time international.

Reuter initially did not move all statements to prematurely dismiss the Frankfurt candidate from his contract valid until the end of June 2021. For him, it was - for perfectly understandable reasons - last but not least a question of money, in which the fun ceases to be known.

The protagonists now agreed to disclose the terms of departure for the upcoming deal. It had recently become known that the Augsburgers had a transfer allowance of 15 million euros, while the Eintracht was initially willing to pay ten million; it is obvious that an agreement was made in the middle.

Hütter appreciates the "clear character"

Hinteregger will be after Sebastian Rode, who was wooed at the weekend by Borussia Dortmund, the next loaner from the previous round, which can now be considered by Hütter as an integral part of the plans.

"Being able to become so popular in such a short time is certainly extraordinary. What he showed sportily did not leave the fans cold. He is a player who has a face, a clear character, "said the 49-year-old about his compatriot. At the beginning of the week,

Hinteregger had made headlines in his home country when a video showed up on the internet showing him during a training camp at FC Augsburg in Tyrol visiting a village festival where he obviously enjoyed the offered alcoholic drinks.

Reuter then said that he wanted to order Hinteregger for rapport because of this incident. That should have done now.

That Hinteregger is a guy who sometimes takes liberties that make his superiors shake his head, was also clear when he participated in January 2018 five days before the start of the second round at a charity ski race and afterwards the risky undertaking to his superiors in Augsburg justified thereby that he had overlooked the passage with forbidden leisure pleasure during the study of its contract probably well.

Hinteregger did not use a smartphone until recently, he did not publish Facebook messages nor did he post photos of himself on an Instagram account.

In the meantime, he reported recently, however, he had acquired a modern mobile phone, also because he had to pay some penalties because he missed appointments, to which there were only invitations in digital form.

Through the group chat of the harmony species, he was always informed what was going on with them.

The 1.86-strong and 80-pound defender, who despite his powerful physique has a formidable technique and ball treatment, accordion-playing is one of his hobbies, he already owns a hunting license, he wants to take his license as a helicopter pilot next.

He already found out about the available options: in the Rhine-Main area. Much to the delight of his girlfriend, who lives in Frankfurt.


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