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Bonnie Strange Boyfriend:

Bonnie Strange and her boyfriend Bobby Lies take part in the Vox program "Celebrity Shopping Queen". In the end, however, less is discussed about her crazy shopping result than about a confession filed by the 33-year-old.

Bonnie Strange and Bobby Lies have honoured the pairing of "Celebrity Shopping Queen" and performed against vocalist Joey Heindle and his girlfriend Ramona Elsener and comedian Ingo Appelt with wife Sonia Guha-Thakurta.

The motto that shows host Guido Maria Kretschmer had considered for the three couples: "Perfect Match - shows that you can cope with any situation."

Bonnie Strange Data Protection:

Strange betrayed that she was not able to cope with every situation, but had to take her neatly on social media shortly after the birth of little daughter Goldie Venus. The first time she put her baby in the camera, a lot of negative comments rushed in on her.

"Do you really have to present the child naked on the internet?
There are enough perverts here! You could have at least censored your butt," someone wrote, and another said, "Do not show your face, but your bare bottom.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for that. "The influencer did a great job at that time, as she reveals:" My first mother Shitstorm - I cried for a whole weekend. "Although she kept saying that she does not care should, but that did not help.

Private remains private now:

Also, many users did not name their relationship with "The Voice of Germany" participant Boris Alexander Stein aka Bobby Lies: "How can I keep anti-social people like him close to my child?" or "The child should be taken from you" were just a few of the messages Strange received.

For this reason, they now post only staged photos. "That's why we decided that we just do not share such crass private stuff anymore, we often go to events and show only what we think is artistically good and not this daily life.

" Currently, Strange provides deep insights from her (public) life in Ibiza. From here, she shows herself in beautiful regularity sometimes little and sometimes as well as not clothed her followers.

Strange and Lies made in the broadcast then also the shopping start. The task was written for them, because they should buy for the provided 1000 Euro a partner outfit for an Instagram photoshoot - wild, sexy and in high fashion. After all, the two had even met via Instagram, since autumn 2018 a couple.

And so the two let it crash while shopping and styling properly. Bathing suits and leather coats from the second-hand shop, black-rimmed eyes.

"The look is great!", Kretschmer exclaimed enthusiastically, but added with caution: "Of course, no one is allowed to do that, which is by design not so pretty."


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